Asbestos Removal in St Helens

Asbestos Removal in St Helens, Choose the Experts for Safety

Asbestos Removal in St HelensIf you’re looking for safe, affordable asbestos removal in St Helens, contact the specialists. Our firm has more than half a century’s experience in this sector. We help property owners, individuals, businesses, government and commercial organisations to stay in compliance with current regulations. Keeping people safe during work and in their homes is our priority. Ours is a family-run, award-winning team with a strong work ethic based in maintaining best practices, continuous training and achieving accreditation. We adopt a friendly, professional approach to every project we undertake. Our services include asbestos sampling and survey, sheet and garage removal, collection and demolition.

If yours is an older building in St Helens, asbestos removal is of primary importance. This is crucial especially after a severe weather event such as a storm. You need to be aware of the potential sites that contain asbestos. Similarly, if you’re conducting repairs, you could disturb asbestos-containing sites. This material was once a miracle substance. It has amazing insulation and heat-resistant properties. Asbestos is also strong and durable. In their undisturbed state, they seldom pose a threat. The use of asbestos was extensive in buildings that were constructed before 1970-80. It can be found in roofing, flooring, siding and false ceilings, tiles, stucco, mastics, caulking, HVAC systems, fire retardant paints and coating.

Asbestos removal in St Helens must be done only by professionals with the right training. Additionally, they must have experience in following the safety regulations to protect themselves and others in the vicinity. For assistance with safe, professional asbestos removal, contact Jones Asbestos. During disturbance, asbestos fibres work loose and enter the atmosphere. From here they enter the abdomen and lungs where they cause blockage. These fibres also cause various types of cancers. Respiratory allergies and problems are other conditions from exposure to asbestos.