Asbestos Roof Removers in Burscough

Asbestos Roof Removers in Burscough Prioritise Safety

Asbestos Roof Removers in Burscough We put safety first when you hire our asbestos roof removers in Burscough. Ours is a family-run business that has been providing top-class services since 1968. We take pride in ensuring that our training standards for staff are of the highest quality. Our focus is on keeping ourselves up to date on all compliances and accreditations. The several awards that we have won are ample testimony to our credentials. Locating, identifying, surveying and removing asbestos is a hazardous operation. This is certainly not the job for the average DIY enthusiast. It is crucial that you assign the task to an established, experienced expert in the field. We have the skills, training, and equipment to do a perfect job.

For our clients in Burscough, asbestos roof removers whom we employ can test the toxic material, and follow the correct procedures for removal. If your building was constructed in the early 1990’s or before that, it is quite likely to have asbestos or asbestos-containing materials. These could be in the form of roofing, insulation, textured paint, partitions, false ceilings, fire-retardant coating, furnaces, flooring, gaskets, construction materials, vinyl tiles, cisterns, pipes and more. When left undisturbed, asbestos doesn’t pose a serious health risk, provided it hasn’t aged. However, this isn’t the case in most older constructions. There are a large number of asbestos removals in the country. While choosing a firm to remove asbestos roofs, it’s wiser and safer to keep a few cardinal rules in mind.

Asbestos roof removers in Burscough must have the required licenses and permissions. As such, we have stringent standards for having the correct certifications. Another important aspect is the equipment in use. It is dangerous and inefficient to use outdated and obsolete equipment. We invest in state-of-the-art equipment to protect clients and ourselves. Before leaving the site, our technicians must remove all traces of asbestos on their body and clothes to protect the environment. Contact Jones Asbestos for more information on our services. We ensure that all equipment, protective clothing, tools and cleaning materials are thoroughly decontaminated and the waste is safely disposed of. Speak to us about a free quotation.